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The Inequalities Of The Social Class In The United States And How To Improve It

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What is social class you ask? Social class is a system created to categorize people by education, wealth and heredity. What are the different class systems you ask? There are several class classifications and they’re Upper Class–Elite, Upper Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Working Class and poor. In the united states and being a victim of “ social class categorizing” is an issue that must be addressed and people must be made aware, because it seems as if it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so the least we can do is try and make it fair as possible. Being defined unknowingly by a class system is one thing, but having no say so or fair opportunity at being placed in the best “class system” as those more fortunate than others needs to change because it’s not like we all came out of our mothers womb starting the race of life at the same starting and advantage point, and since we as Americans pride our-self on being the land of the free and equal opportunities I feel compelled to inform you of the unfairness of the issue and state ways to make it fair. In an article read while doing research this is how the author defined Social class “Classism is similar in many ways to racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of oppression. Classism appears individually through attitudes and behaviors, institutionally through policies and practices, and culturally through norms and values. Like other forms of oppression and prejudice, it is the tendency to make sweeping generalizations or stereotypes about people, such as “Poor people are lazy.”(Class Action) This essay will assess the determination of social classes in the United States and will seek to provide examples to demonstrate the inequalities and provide ways to improve them.

Education has a huge in factor as to what social class you belong to and not everyone has the same educational opportunity, and if we did it’d enhance social class categorizing in my opinion. The more improved your education is the more likely you are to be in the elite and upper class system for the following reasons; you are at the top of the food chain educational-wise and the more the prestigious the college you attend such as schools like Harvard, Yale and Stanford the more likely you are to be nominated for a high compensating profession because of the name and credentials the school has rather than a community college which is not hard to get into and the academic qualifications are so different. “On average, with equal school quality, children with more academic support at home will have higher achievement. The power of social class will not disappear if we pretend it does not exist.”(Rothstein) To get into a prestigious it helps to have the money, grades and preparation which some parents are putting there children in these prestigious high schools which cost a lot of money and some you even have to test into, and the lower-middle class, working and poor class most likely don’t have the financial means to send there...

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