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Where do you consider yourself to be in the class system? Are you a member of the upper class, middle class, or lower class? If you’re a part of the upper class your associated with being rich or born in to a rich family. Then there is the working middle class also know as the “ white collar workers.” Most people of our society would fit into this category of the class system. Lastly there is the lower class that consists of the homeless, those with low-paying jobs, and other who are struggling to survive. Most people don’t bother to think that these different classes could be leading toward social inequalities. Well, this is reality people are being treated differently because of where ...view middle of the document...

Angela never believed the stories she had heard regarding the class system until she personally witnessed it herself (p451). She struggled to find her place where she could fit in just based on who she was, but never managed to get past the barrier of class. Which only led her to disappointment. This struggle is not just specific to Angela, but every individual who attempts to break this wall. For most lower class individuals these obstacles can be a set back that prevents them from alleviating poverty.
Income is also a major factor that impacts social class inequalities. Upper class folks are earning a good amount of money to carry out all their expenses and run the house efficiently. Yet the low income American is striving to pay rent and feed their family. This explains that shortage of money is what’s keeping lower class high school graduates from enrolling for college. As mentioned by Brink Lindsey In 2003, 80 percent of high school seniors from the upper class registered for college, as compared to the lower class kids only 49 percent enlisted (pg 453). Families on welfare don’t have the funding to pay for high tuition, which is why they won’t send their kids to college. Based on a minimum paying job it becomes quite difficult to go to college or even afford the basic needs.
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Another leading cause of social group disparities is intertwined with cultural

beliefs and values. There are number of different cultural groups within the US that

have their own diverse beliefs, which influence their reasoning and their decisions.

In the article “culture of success,” the author mentions every field of work requires

either talent or lots of hard work and preparation in order to be successful. In the

article “culture of success,” the author mentions every field of work requires either

talent or lots of hard work and preparation in order to be successful. If we connect

this to performing well in school then culture does play a big role in this

accomplishment said Brink Lindsey. The kids of higher class are constantly pushed

throughout life to develop the necessary mental and motivational skills required to

be successful in school. However, the lower class kids that are on the other side of

the spectrum are pushed in the opposite direction . The author of this article talked

about a study done on a group of three-year-old children from the three different

classes. The results of the study stated that the typical vocabulary of a professional

family was 1,116 words; working class average was 749; the low income kids,

525(Lindsey pg 455). This shows that there was less interaction between the

welfare kids and their parents. On the other hand the children from wealthier group

of kids were interacting more with the parent. This data...

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