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Human build and use law to regulate and constraint their behaviors in order to keep the society harmony and stable. However, sometimes criminals may still commit and successfully get away with crime and inappropriate behaviors due to lack of supervise and punishment. Nowadays, the power of social control is become stronger and stronger in our society. Criminals are only a small part of people in the society, most of people are well behaved individuals who doesn’t want any other people commit crimes. Instead of understand why some people do bad things, well-behaved people know exactly why they don’t do so. So they use all type of method to show ...view middle of the document...

It’s not the case that being noisy in a library is a crime, but if people can notice and follow these signs that show them about certain manners, they may be accustomed to the awareness. I believe we all have a standard or a criterion about a “perfect person”, it’s like a profile of the person that one expects to become. For example, if someone is a family is more successful than any other family member, he is most likely been labeled as the “perfect person” to the children in the family by other family members. For example, my uncle is a successful businessman, he earn himself wealth and respect through his hard work. My parents always want me to get experience from him, try to make me become a second him. Although they know I might not interested in become a businessman or I may never achieve what he has been done, they somehow still want me to learn from him. I think this is not because they don’t want me to follow my own will. It’s just they already set an example for me, they think if I follow my uncle’s footstep, at least I won’t do anything bad to myself. In other word, at least it’s safe to follow other’s footstep and try to fill yourself in a certain standard. However, different people always have different thoughts and goal on same things, sometimes it’s hard to let them be absolutely same, you can’t let everybody try to become successful businessman otherwise the society doesn’t even exist no more because there’s nobody try to product goods. So the standard is always about not to do certain things instead of do certain things. There is always signs like “no parking” “staff only”. It is not the case that if someone still park at the place with the sign on it or still goes into the place even he doesn’t work there, it will be considered as crime. But it is a way that society helps people create the awareness of follow certain rules. I believe is a person careless about the rules and standards these signs show, he is most likely also careless about law. The function of the sign that I mentioned is seems similar as advertisement is someway. The advertisement’s goal is to get consumer from different background, income, and value to do the same thing which is consume the product they are trying to sell. Like James B. Twitchell brings up in his article “What we are to advertisement”: “Hence, at the macro level the task of advertising is to convince different sets of consumers- target groups--that the quarter they observe is somehow different in meaning and value that the same quarter seen by their across-the-tracks neighbors.” People are different not only when their role is consumers, people may have different opinion and wish on same object. Somebody likes step on grass and...

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