Social Crimes And Their Solutions Essay

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Crime is one social issue that has caught everyone's eye. Crime has various branches; there are lots of different types of crime.Major crimes that are the main cause of concern include Kidnapping, Theft/Robbery, Murder, Rape, ChildAbuse (Verbal and physical), Terrorism (Bombings etc), and identity fraud so on and so forth.One of the main social agenda's of our age is to find a way to prevent these crimes.There are different ways, theories and ideas as how to stop all of these crimes.Murder and its prevention:When a person is killed by another against his or her will, it is labeled murder.Firstly people need to be aware of its consequences, in terms of religion and law.Once people are more aware of its consequences, there is likely to be a reduction. As the some people commit this crime without realizing its consequences and what a horrible thing it is to do.If people are made aware of murderers, what they may look like, the timings that they strike and the victims that they go for. It could seriously prevent a lot of murders, as if people are more aware and cautious their chances of not being at risk and escaping are a lot larger.If the use of arms and other dangerous items such as knives etc are banned in public this too can help prevent murder. As without the aid of such items murdering a person becomes more difficult.Also some murders take place over petty matters, by young adults who may become involved in violence and gangs at a very young age. The government should target these groups and help counsel them and offer them a way out of these ideas and surroundings and offer them a way out of the violence and wrong they might be indulging in.Kidnapping and its prevention:In order to prevent the psychological and physical effects of kidnapping, and kidnapping in general, certain safety measures must be taken. In general, parents should never leave their children unattended, however brief they mean to be and should familiarize themselves with their child's friends (and their families), as well as their daily activities.They should insist that their children return home at a certain time (curfew), and be alert to any person older than the child that is paying an unusual amount of attention, or offers exuberant gifts to, the child.Also they should teach their children to say "no" when they feel someone is wrong or making them feel uncomfortable and encourage that their children should report any approaches of anyone who made them feel uncomfortable. If parents have a need to hire a babysitter, certain precautions must also be taken:For example they must obtain and thoroughly check references if they are not familiar with the sitter and make nonchalantly make unexpected visits.Babysitters should always make sure that all the doors are locked, that strangers should not enter the home, that information should not be volunteered over the phone, and that the child is carefully monitored (when awake as well as asleep). Parents should never place their...

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