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Social Deviance Essay

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Social deviance is a very broad term, which describes actions or behaviors that violate social “norms.” Norms, in a simple context, are rules by which members of society are expected to conform to. When discussing the term deviance, one might talk about the failure, or people’s failures to adapt to rules established by society. Social deviance has many forms and interpretations. Deviant acts, are primarily relative to setting, because deviance in one place could be considered non-deviance in another place. Theft, violence, murder, or any kind of criminal behavior, can be considered either deviant or non-deviant. It’s up to countries, establishments, and governing bodies to determine what acts are and aren’t acceptable. For example, fighting in a boxing ring is acceptable, while fighting in a nursery home is not. Murdering someone for drugs is not acceptable, but murdering someone in an act of self-defense is. As one can conclude, all acts of deviance are be subjected to review, and accepted on the condition that it fits its highly appropriate symbolism. Acts of deviance can result in some very positive outcomes. It’s important to realize that although failing to concede to a list of rules could be detrimental, it can also improve the standard of life in some parts of the world. Even though social deviance is mainly looked down upon mostly in society, deviance is a necessity. Without deviance, there’d be little to no indication of people’s dissatisfaction and exigency for change. Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are two primary examples of positive social deviance. Their refusal to follow the laws brought about movements that eradicated change in the nation. It’s important to note that there are positive and negative forms of deviance, and deviance will continue to dominate the minds of Americans until the world ends. Even negative forms of deviance bring about positives. There’s no need for our country to try and eliminate deviants, especially negative deviants all together, because that’s neither impossible nor practical. Violent deviants only make up a small fraction of the controversy, and the other small fraction of deviants are either positive and bring about good, or negative and still bring about good. A large group of “deviants” wrote the Declaration of Independence, and although the founding fathers were dealt with because they didn’t fit the status quo, they’re now considered heroes, thanks to their contribution to our inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
To many, Rosa Parks was considered the “mother of the civil rights movement,” but in a sociological context, she could be considered a social deviant. A social deviant is one who fails to conform to social norms. Members of society are guided to follow these “norms,” which in a simple context, are rules and guidelines that should be guided. However, not all members want to conform to certain rules that society imposes, so they break them, in hopes of either...

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