Social Dynamic In A Zombie Apocalypse

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Season 1 of The Walking Dead, has a divers group of characters. The evolution of personality and moral responsibility will shift within a person or group in accordance to the “survive or die” scenario during a zombie apocalypse. Culminating a group of diverse abilities is essential to surviving. The main theme in the show is one of survival, the dead are walking all around them, but they are not necessarily the main problem. The battle over adversity is much more prevalent than just fear of dying. The characters are forced to realign a civilization around a new obstacle, yet essentially it is not much different than everyday life. The main issue is finding a group that can survive on skill ...view middle of the document...

Rick knows killing is wrong, no matter the situation, and now was forced to reassess his definition of “doing the right thing.” The fact that he is a sheriff only adds strife to the decision of to kill or not to kill. This act was one of acceptance that he must be prepared to fight to save not only himself but perhaps others as well.
The walker represents members of their society that have been infected by the “disease” that transforms them into thoughtless creatures with no goals outside of one basic survival—to eat. Rick acts out of respect for what they used to be rather than just the surface of what they are now. His character is defined by his desire to treat them with respect and not just monsters who should be killed. He takes pity on the walkers and shows that even with the dead all around him, he has a desire to live his life respecting those around him. This is not true of all of the survivors however, there are still the typical members of society who govern themselves and live by a different set of rules.
There is a father son duo Morgan, the father, and Duane, the son, are introduced in a scene where the young man wielding a shovel, believed Rick to be a walker, and hit him over the head. Duane was already evolving into the present situation with a defensive attitude, fighting to stay alive and find resources. This was a successful act to ensure his own safety and survive. This is the evolution of his character; as a child, one needs to be violently defensive at times. The somber tone depicted here was informative and slightly despairing. A time in which a child must fight or even kill to survive, haunts the mind of a peace keeper like Rick. Children are highly adaptable and this illustrates how quickly they learn to take care of themselves. He even seeks an affirmative approval from his father as though this act is something he should be proud of. In a time when a child’s innocence is corrupted with acts of violence it is hard to maintain a level of respect for one another. A child’s role in this environment is represented by a hardening and displacement from normal social expectations. They find it hard to draw the line between killing to survive and murder. He must be taught when it is acceptable to kill and when such action is not preferable.
Morgan himself is presented in a sorrowful way with the weight of a single parent
attempting to raise a young child. He knows it is important to still hold value to things, actions, and people. One of the struggles Morgan faces is that his wife has turned into a walker and that burdens him with an obligation to his wife— to help her pass on. He knew that in order for that to happen, he needed to shoot her. His tone of defeat was evident in the scene where Morgan steeled himself to shoot his wife and breaks down without killing her. A parent’s role in the zombie apocalypse has become more than just protecting; it has now transitioned into training your child to kill, to survive.

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