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Social Engineering Technology And Tools Essay

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This paper analyzes the social engineering technology and the social engineering tools that are used to test the human element with regard to its capabilities and limitations in the areas of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The analysis covers Social engineering Toolkits usefulness, cost, and implementation complexity and how its effectiveness can be enhanced.
Social engineering are all those activities that are done by a hacker to manipulate that human tendency to trust so as to gain unauthorized access to the valued information that are in the computer system. The IT specialist agrees that despite the secure networks and firewall being used, the security of the IT is based on the trust in the protection and authenticity . The easiest place for the attackers in the computer network is the human willingness to trust people based on what they have said. This makes any system very vulnerable to the attack of the criminals . While the IT specialist in the company can do all to protect the system form malicious attacks, it is up to the people using the system to ensure that the corporate network is secure
Increase of internet based social networking has created a revolution by enhancing social connectivity. However, the criminals and other actors on the internet that will ill motives have exploited this capability for nefarious purposes. There are two main tactics that are used by the criminals to exploit the people on the online social networks. The two methods will mostly be used together by the criminals. The first is that the computer savvy hackers may install unwanted software on the user’s computer or the phone so as to gain the personal information. This is mainly done by people who specialise in writing and manipulating computer codes that are installed when the computer is connected to certain sites. The second tactics involves the social and human hackers with speciality in exploiting personal connection through the social networks . These social hackers are referred to as social engineers due to their expertise to manipulate people through the social interactions that can either be in person, on phone or internet interactions like mails and chatting. Commonly, Social engineering is a way the criminals get access to a user’s computer by installing the spyware or other software so as to trick someone into providing passwords and other sensitive financial information.
Another researcher has defined social engineering as the art of manipulating people so as to give up confidential information . The kind of the information that are sought the online criminals can vary depending on the type of the victim they are following. They may either install the malicious software into someone’s computer so as to gain the needed information like password or bank details or simply trick the person into willingly surrendering the information. most of the time, when the malicious software are installed, it may give them...

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