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Social Enterprise Essay

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Want to make a living out of doing good works? If so, what's right for you is starting a social enterprise. If you don't know how to set one up, here's a great source ( that might help.

Social enterprise, by definition, is a kind of organisation that uses commercial strategies in order to maximise improvements in the environment and human welfare. This is in contrast to a for-profit business, wherein its aim is to generate revenues with little regard to important environmental concerns and humane interests. Creating a company with social interests almost always offer less benefits to the investors, except the fact that they contribute greatly to the community. Business-minded individuals who venture into this type of business are regarded as philanthropic, charitable and responsible.

Because such individuals get to make a difference in their small communities, and may be in their own countries as well, social entrepreneurship has been growing enough to even outstrip most of the conventional entrepreneurial sectors. So if you want to join the bandwagon and make a difference, hop in. Check out this article on social entrepreneurship activities that are currently in operation ( for some ideas.

While social enterprise is a worthy and noble idea, one major problem to it, however, is the fact that the endeavour can be hard-pressed to thrive without compromising or straying from its original commitments to society and its principles? This a question that is raised often, and there are different answers to that. Below are some factors that might give you some insights though:

Be Constantly Evolving

Even though you have social commitments to improve a community or a society, never forget that your organisation is still an enterprise. This means that you should constantly change and improve your products or services. Don't keep rolling out the same products or providing the same services. Instead, find ways to speed up distribution, enhance production efficiency or even invest to be on the cutting edge of technology. Bottom line: reinvent your industry so you can expand your clientèle.

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