Social Entrepreneurship Case Study: Fu Hong Society.

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SECTION 1: ORGANISATIONAL ANALYSIS1.1 DESCRIPTION OF ORGANISATION1.1.1 HISTORYIn the late 1960s and early 1970s Father Enea Tapella, an Italian missioner, organized volunteers to arrange home visits, social and religious gatherings and summer camps for the handicapped. Those who shared his vision later founded "The Society of Homes for the Handicapped" to expand those activities.The Society was incorporated in Hong Kong in May 1978 as a company limited by guarantee. The Society changed its name to Fu Hong Society with effect from 3 January 2001. "Fu Hong" in Chinese means "Support for wholesomeness ", for this said purpose. The principal activity of the Society is to provide services to people with mental and physical handicap and other disabilities.1.1.2 ORGANISATION CHART1.1.3 OBJECTIVES- To establish service and family units within the community to provide holistic care and a homelike environment for people with disabilities;- To provide assessment and training for the development of the potential of people with disabilities;- To work together with families in the provision of quality service for their family members with disabilities;- To provide vocational assessment and training for people with disabilities and enhance employment opportunities for those who have the potential to work in the community;- To provide counseling and social work services to people with disabilities and their families;- To organize community education programmes for a better understanding and a positive attitude towards people with disabilities.1.1.4 VISION & MISSIONVISION:People with disabilities are individuals with all human rights, above all the right to be recognized and respected, the right to receive whatever help is necessary in order to progress at every level, human and spiritual, and we are committed to ensure that these rights are respected and honoured through our work with the communityMISSION:- To provide opportunities for people with disabilities to develop all their abilities and to ensure that they achieve the greatest independence possible within their circumstances, as fully integrated members of the community;- To advocate for equal rights of people with disabilities through education, policy and legislative changes.1.1.5 SERVICESServices provided by Fu Hong Society encompass all aspects of life for people with disabilities. Fu Hong has 880 staff and 6,137 volunteers. The Society now runs 42 service units serve 2,661 people with disabilities. Most of their service units are partnership with the Government's Social Welfare Department.Scope of Service:- 6 Hostels for 252 people with mild or moderate mental handicap- 6 Care and Attention Homes for 240 people with mental and physical handicaps- 2 Casa-famiglia for 14 audits with mental handicap- 13 Day Activity Centres provide training for 601 people with mental handicap or mental and physical handicaps (8 of the Day Activity Centres provide residential services for 350 people)- 3 Halfway...

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