Social, Ethical And Legal Issues That An It Professional Msc Essay

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School of Computer of Science
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Individual Blogs & Essay:
“Social, Ethical and Legal Issues Impacting IT professionals.”
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Professional Issues
Mike Pickup
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School of Computer of Science
Students should recognise the social, ethical and legal professional issues involved in
the exploitation of computer technology and be guided by the adoption of appropriate professional, ethical and legal practices.
Knowledge and Understanding:
Successful students will typically have a knowledge and understanding of:
 detailed knowledge of the ethical standards from relevant professional bodies (such as the BCS Code of Conduct) to which a computing professional is expected to adhere;
- the wide range of International & UK Laws within which a computing professional should operate;
- current computing technological, commercial and economic contexts where social, ethical and legal issues and dilemmas may arise.
Three Individual Blogs and two responses to peer students blogs completed within your group by the assignment due date.
Your completed Individual Essay in MS Word submitted to Studynet by the assignment due date.

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