Social Factors Affect College Admission Essay

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Being able to continue a higher education by entering a college is a significant social concern on both competence and equity grounds. The actuality of socio economic barriers which obstruct youngsters from lower income families from continuing their education limits their potentials and capabilities, therefore restraining the growth in economy, and likewise it also raises people’s concerns about opportunity equality. Entering a college is considered to be a big part of our lives. With college (a higher education), there will be more job opportunities choices for us to choose from in the future. It will be the beginning of a better career path for us as compared to those people who did not ...view middle of the document...

(Looker, 1993; Lowe etal., 1997; Manitoba, 2000; Newfoundland, 1998). Whereas, males have a higher possibility to drop out of school without even completing their high school education as compared to female.(Gilbert et al., 1993; Thiessen and Looker, 1999). Many other researches focus on how the gender affects each individual’s participation in different subjects such as mathematics, science and computer technologies. (Nachmias et al, 2000.; Young etal., 1997; Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women, 1991; Industry, Science and Technology, Canada, 1991). Some of the research proposes that males do better in subjects like this at high school, and therefore, they will most likely choose areas of post-secondary study with subjects such as science and mathematics.

The purpose of this study is to measure the affection of parents’ education level, students’ grades, parents’ income, gender and race. We would like to evaluate the factors that can affect an individual’s decision as to whether or not to continue higher education in a college or a university.

Who do this before? Survey, conclude to research questions.
Research question: What are the socio economic factors that determine the likelihood to continue education in a college?
Contribution: How are we different from survey of previous work. Eg, intergeneration variable (father mother, parents, we use probit model)
This data is obtained from lecturer Pacharasut Sujarittanonta, from Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Economics). We change the data from psechoice (no college=1, 2=2-year college, 3=4-year college) to college (college=1, no college=0). The figure one shows the descriptive statistic of variables used in the regression model.
Figure1: Descriptive Statistic

Source: Calculated by researcher.
The variables are defined as the following:
• College is assigned to be a dependent variable. It is a binary choice, if college equals to 1, it means that the individual decides to continue their education in a college. If college equals to 0, it means that the individual decides not to continue their education in a college. In our sample, we found out the 77.8 percent of the individuals decided to continue their education in a college.
• Parcoll is assigned to be an independent variable which represents whether the individual’s parents have completed their college education or not. In our sample, we found out that 30.8 percent of the individual’s parents have graduated from a college.
• Grades is assigned to be an independent variable which have 13 point scale where 1 refers to the most excellent grade and 13 is considered as the worst grade. In this sample, the average grade of individuals is 6.530.
• Faminc is...

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