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Social Forces Essay

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Everyone in the world has their own identity; have you ever thought about what your identity is? Identity plays a big role in the world especially in America where not all identities are good. People might identify a wealthy person as “snotty rich” or a poor person as “defective” or maybe someone calls a man a woman when they're really a man. Or maybe you call someone a terrorist just because they are middle eastern. The list goes on and on and thats why social forces influence identities and can become dangerous. Gender, race, and social class are all forms of social forces.
Race is everywhere in the world. But people need to understand that race isn’t color. Anyone can have color; ...view middle of the document...

But there’s not only racism, theres also discrimination. And that leads me into my next topic, gender.
Discrimination is still big in the world, have you ever wondered why women can’t driver in some countries? In some countries women have to wear certain clothes, or have you ever heard of husbands burning and killing their wives in India? Those are all examples of discrimination, and gender has a big part in discrimination. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird (Lee Chapter 6) Scout, Jem, and Boo try to peek inside the Radleys house. What happens is Jem says that Scout is starting to act more like a girl everyday. Saying that can start emotions that could lead to danger. Another big example of gender discrimination is woman not being able to do the same things as men. In Saudi Arabia there’s a lot of it, for example, women can’t drive why? Well theres no official law, but in Saudi Arabia women aren't issued licenses, if they are caught driving they are forced to sign a pledge saying that they will never drive again. According to the online article “Driving in Saudi Arabia as a Woman” (Byrnes n.p) saudi Arabia women have to get permission from a male guardian to work, travel, or go to school. Gender plays a big role in the U.S society. There are many gender stereotypes, such as woman can only be nurses, or men drive better. Also in the U.S women are paid less than males in the same exact job and its proven woman are underestimated and not promoted to higher authority of work (Abel n.p). Woman making less can result in families having less money, and without money families can’t survive and that leaves families in danger. That leads me to my next topic of Social...

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