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Kathryn Savage is a married twenty-one white female who is a junior at Pittsburg State University studying social work, she is currently pregnant with her first child, and works in the Office of Career Services at Pittsburg State University and at Corner Stone Family church.
Medical Information
The client denies being on any medications at this time. She is taking prenatal vitamins for her pregnancy. The client denies ever being on medication, being in on going treatment, having any diseases or injuries, and being hospitalized for any reason.
Psychiatric History
The client denies that she has ever been or is currently being seen for any psycho or emotional problems. The client also denies ...view middle of the document...

Kathryn Savage was born on July 16th, 1993 as Kathryn Porter. She was born in Gravette, Arkansas. Her parents lived in Texas so she lived there for the first year and a half before her family moved to Gravette Arkansas. She then lived in Gravette for eight years before moving to Gentry, Arkansas where she lived until she started attending Pittsburg State University.
Her mothers name is Elizabeth and works as a receptionist at a law firm in Gentry, Arkansas. Growing up Kathryn remembers her mom have a couple different jobs but has been at thus job for five years now. Her fathers name is Rick and works as a floor manager at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas. He has always had this same job as far as Kathryn can remember. Neither her mother nor father went to college. She also has a younger bother named Michael, he is either 18 or 19, Kathryn could not exactly remember. He has graduated high school and is current working at Tyson in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
When Kathryn was three years old her parent separated. When she was four they got a divorce. Kathryn remembers the divorce pretty well. She remembers her father being absent for about a year and a half when her parents initially split up. She remembers one particular weekend when her mom came to pick her up from her fathers, her father told her and her younger brother to go out to the car and as she was closing the door she saw her mom crying in her fathers lap. She also remembers one time crying in the car asking her mother if she would ever see her father again. Another memory she has was one night when she was four or five her mother asked her if she liked it better when dad was around or if she liked it just the two of them, she responded with dad being around. However she does not remember how her mother responded to that. Finally she remembers the day her mother went to court because she had to stay extra long at the babysitters.
Her father and step mom got remarried when she was seven years old. Her father cheated on her mother with her new stepmother and Kathryn was aware of this even though she was only three or four at the time. She stated that she did not like that they got married and in fact there was not even a wedding her father just told her and her brother one weekend. Her step moms name is Michelle and she works as a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas. Kathryn remembers hating going to her father’s house because he would work all day and she and her brother would have to stay home with her step mom who did not want kids at the time and had drastic moods swings. According to Kathryn her stepmother was bipolar. She now has two sisters Cassandra who is 13 and Stormy who is 11.
Her mother got married when she was ten. Her stepfathers name was Jason and he worked as a truck driver. They got a divorce two years ago and Kathryn said that she was very relieved and felt good about the divorce. She said that se never had a good relationship with her stepfather and there...

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