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Social Inequalities Between The Man And Woman

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Women today are though of strong and independent. They have come a long way since the early 1900's. They have won the equality amongst men correct? However that is not the case. Today women are still seen as “items” to men. They are objectified by their appearances and physicality. Only worth well if they are size two, wrinkle-free, and bred-able. They are objectified sexually. A must is virginity, but in the media “sexy”. Still in the workforce, women are not equal among men. Women still have a long enduring road ahead of them, and for future generations.
Women work extremely hard to be defined as “beautiful”, but what is classified as beautiful?Beautiful women are aged twenty-five, with ...view middle of the document...

From the words of Andersen “It is as if the ideal woman is still a child-young, unblemished, sexy, and fit. For men, the message is: Maintain your power, your dominance, and always be ready for sex.”(Andersen 63). With this view women become less likely to be seen as an optional partner if they are of age, than a woman who is in the child-baring years.
In society, if a woman is not celibate she is determined as a “slut” or “whore” due to her number of sexual partners. However contrary to women, men are seen as “Studs” or “players”. Men can have not gone through the “right of passage” initially if they have never had, or only been with one woman. Women however, should be seen as virgins until they find a man to make a husband of. Women are also objectified with sexual activity in the pornography industry. Pornography is a major industry, but women are treated differently than men. They are characterized as a object for the pleasure of man. Julia Long author of Anti-porn : The Resurgence of Anti-pornography Feminism states, “The prevalent sexual acts of pornography signify female absence in relation to the male presence: she is a series of holes to be penetrated. Symbolically, she needs the penis to give her meaning, and so ultimately is grateful to it, no matter how violent the act or how much she might resist initially”(Long 78). Men however in the pornography industry are seen as the pleasurable. Meaning he is seen as the reason for the woman's existence.
Not only will men have a one-sided stereotype of woman and sexual activity, women receive objectification sexually through the media. Watch a film with sexual content, and there will be a woman half dressed waiting to pleasure a man. Look at a music video and see women, behind the vocalist or the vocalist herself, half dressed “shaking what their momma gave them”. Look at a commercial and see a woman half dressed advertising the newest electronic. The re-occurring pattern, women half dressed for pleasure of man. An everyday occurrence some might bypass the ideas, a major problem for women. For men, this is simply a pleasure. Men are not subjected to play the part in a film or music video. They are in commercials half dressed not for a woman's pleasure, but to show other men what they should look like when they use...

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