Social Influences On Sport Participation Essay

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Social Influences on Sport Participation

It is clear that sport is strongly influenced by social factors and by
human cultural responses. There is a recurring tension between
tradition and the cry for modern intervention, this is apparent in
football, where some want the technology that is used in rugby, in
which a television screen is used in doubtful situations such as try's
that weren't fully seen by the referee, this would eradicate time
wasting in controversial football decisions, that cause players to
fire up at referee's. The development of sport has moved with various
waves of social change


In the UK we've witnessed the move to urbanisation from an
agricultural way of life, i.e. from working on farms as a farmer or
farm hand to working in factories, then we moved to a technologically
based society in the twentieth century and a communications and
electronic society in the twenty-first. With this we have seen major
changes in the way we provide and participate in sport. We have new
physical and social settings, such as golfing complexes, multi sports
clubs, high-tech stadiums, indoor cricket arenas and even virtual
reality dimensions for practicing before we play.

Many local, regional and national cultural attitudes and values are
reflected in the development of sport. With specific sports in
selected areas i.e. adventure sports in the Lake District and water
sports on the Solent, which is a part of the channel between the Isle
of Wight and the main land of England.

Patterns of employment have changed with more flexible working styles.
Making more leisure time available enabling people to visit the gym
even in lunch breaks. Also in employment we have achieved relative
prosperity or wealth through better wages. Consumption goes hand in
hand with this newfound prosperity with leisure shopping and
materialism becoming major factors of life in the twenty-first

'Some commentators argue that a consumer revolution has taken place in
sport, with the 'commodification' of many aspects of sporting life, as
people use their leisure money to buy sporting activities or watch
experts perform.'

The above quote was taken from:

Btec National Sport Sports Development and Fitness Options Ray Barker
and Graham Saffery.

Gender Issues

A high percentage of the sports scene has been shaped by male
domination. Women have been excluded by sport and although they have
come a long way with barriers gradually being broken down, there is
still a lot to do before equality is achieved. Progress has been made
in sports such as rugby, football, athletics, tennis, golf and
cricket, where historically women had little or no part in sport
participation. It is an on going battle for women to achieve the type

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