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Social Interaction And Children With Autism

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Social interaction is considered a core deficit in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Due to impairments in social interactions, children with ASD fail to develop peer relationships and share enjoyment and interests (Ashbaugh, Bradshaw, K.Koegel, & L. Koegel, 2014). Difficulty engaging with others may persist throughout the lifespan; therefore it is crucial to identify these underdeveloped social behaviors and to target early intervention. In regard to intervention strategies, Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) has been proved to be an effective, efficacious and naturalistic intervention for communication and social functioning of children with ASD derived from applied behavioral ...view middle of the document...

An example of a non-embedded social interaction reinforcer condition is when the child is given the opportunity to jump on the trampoline in response to the child's production "jump". In contrast, the embedded social interaction reinforcer condition includes the adult and the child jumping on the trampoline together in response to the child's production "jump". By establishing this foundation, children with autism will find it reinforcing to seek out and socialize with others.
To further improve social communication, social initiation such as question-asking is suggested as a key component in improving long-term outcome in children with autism in a study by Ashbaugh, Bradshaw, K. Koegel, and L. Koegel (2014). In contrast to typically developing children, children with autism use their language mostly for requesting objects and actions, and protesting. Asking wh- questions (i.e. who, what, where) is a developmental milestone that sets a baseline for language learning and acquiring vocabulary, therefore failing to initiate questions could impact language development. Researchers suggest that implementing PRT strategies for question-asking could result in generalization or wh- questions to novel settings which can increase social opportunities outside of the clinical setting (Ashbaugh et al. 2014). PRT intervention strategies used for teaching...

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