Social Interactions During College Life Essay

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On a daily bases one encounters multiple social interaction situations. The main social interaction that I encounter is the college roommate situation. This social interaction is one that I constantly am analyzing, and observing. So one can assume that to effectively study/research this situation the appropriate research method to use would be participant observation (Fieldwork) method.
In this particular roommate situation there are three individuals, to keep their private lives private their names would not be revealed. As for this “roommate-ship” there are two females and one male, female 1 and the male are cousins and where the initial pair of roommates. Later on female 2, friends ...view middle of the document...

Female 1 and the Male are Hispanic and Female 2 is African American. Female 1 and the Male speck Spanish and most of the time mix it in while speaking English, female 2 got used this and has adopted this likewise. There is also a discrepancy in the types of foods we make, which took some time to figure out what was ok to cook for everyone and what not. Another culture difference is that Hispanics tend to talk using Gestures, and Female 2 was not sure what to make of it, it was also surprising to Female 1 and the Male that this was perceived and unusual.
Being as though they had similar upbringings there values are similar. They value family, faith and comfort; this made it a smooth transition to live together. These values of course were followed by norms such as, not to bring people over without telling the other two roommates. Respect each other belongings and space, also being mindful that they all have different schedules and they need to share the space fairly. In this social situation, the individuals occupy the status of roommate, and play the role well. They do so, by splitting the bills, replacing things in the house, cooking on certain days, giving rides to the other roommates and caring for the wellbeing of each other.
As mentioned before, two of the roommates are Hispanic and one is African American. This is a clear illustration of minority groups, who are living and going to school in a dominant group area. When Female 1 and the Male, first moved to Middletown they felt dissonance because coming from a big city was different making it slightly difficult to adapt. Female 2, moved from the Philadelphia area to a suburb in her early years so she was well adapted to the area. At times Female 1 and the Male would opt out of certain interactions with non-familiar people, simply because they were White or perceived to be snotty or not engaging in activities with people from minority groups. Discrimination surfaced at first, since then has diminished. Female 2 were used to being around white people that she showed some signs of prejudice toward other African Americans. For example, saying things like “I am not a regular black person.”
Do to the living with new people is a process that takes some time to get used to,...

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