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Social Interactions In Society Essay

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Social Interactions in Society

I will be investigating social interaction amongst different members
of society and then applying the thoughts of the “three grandfathers
of sociology” to their behaviour. I chose to do my sociological study
in a pub, called the Monks Retreat, which is situated in Reading city
centre and is one of the JP Weatherspoons franchises. I started my
study at 3pm on Tuesday 22nd November 2005. I decided upon a pub,
because it is an environment where a lot of different types of people
are brought together into one place and so are easily observable, also
a pub is a place where people often feel comfortable and so are more
likely to interact socially with people around them.

The Monks Retreat’s main clientele are predominantly single old men
aged around 50-65, however due to its nature a lot of other groups of
people entered which led to some interesting altercations. The
majority of the patrons were of lower class, which was observable
through their habits when buying drinks, and their shopping trends.

The Monks Retreat also attracts a lot of middle class businessmen
entering for lunch on their own, as well as a large amount of students
and teenagers. In this study I will focus on a few main groups of
people, who interacting interestingly both with the staff of the
establishment and amongst each other.

My first observation was a single man aged around 70, who was slightly
drunk and was sitting in close proximity to 2 young men of around 20,
these young men, were very quiet and seemed to be talking to the old
man, out of politeness rather than, for their amusement.

There was also a group of old men of around 55-60, these men were very
competitive in there nature and tried in almost all of there actions
to outdo each other, whether it be the quality of their mobile phones
or how funny they could be when harassing the young men who collect
the glasses.

There were some very interesting interactions between the male and
female bar staff of the pub when dealing with the different strata’s
of society. Also how the staff interacting with each other when the
bar was not busy, as most of the staff was male except for a lone,
supervising female.

Karl Marx is one of the most important sociologists and so I will
apply his theories first. Marx believed in materialist determinism,
where in the end what drives us, is material needs, the money to buy
the things, which we need, e.g. food alcohol and housing. Marx
believes that material interests are the key to what we want and

In my study the group that I think is best described my Marx’s
theories, is the group of old men, who were fiercely competitive, the
four men, who were all drinking, often forced slower drinkers to speed
up in order to maintain pace with the rest of the group. The men also

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