Social Issues : Euthanasia In America

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The legalization of treatment with Euthanasia in America is an issue that has existed over several generations. There are many Americans that are in favor of Euthanasia, the right to die. Like wise, there are arguments against Euthanasia; they believe we are committing murder or suicide. The laws in Texas have recently changed but throughout the nation the regulations are pending.A definition of euthanasia is, ? a painless, killing, especially to end a painful and inevitable disease; mercy killing.? ?Euthanasia is the practice of ending the life of a suffering person for his/her benefit.? There are four types of Euthanasia: voluntary, non-voluntary, active, and passive. Voluntary Euthanasia is practiced when the person whose life is ending has given pervious consent to have Euthanasia. Non-voluntary Euthanasia occurs when the will of the person is unknown but the family or friends of the person wish for the suffering to end. Active Euthanasia happens when deliberate actions are taken in terminating the life of the suffering individual. Passive Euthanasia exist in the event that ending medical treatment and withholding necessary care have removed the person?s life.Assisted suicide occurs when an individual receives the means for suicide from another that is aware of the intentions. The person that helps can provide the individual who wishes to end his/her life with the information guidance, or means of ending the life. The person who wishes to have assistance in the suicide is usually somebody that suffers greatly from unusual health circumstances and sometimes cannot commit suicide independently. In most of the United State assisted suicide is illegal.A sad but true story is about a young woman named Terri Schiavo, who lies in a ?persistent vegetative state in a Florida hospice has become the central figure in on of the most grievous medical, legal and family disputes of recent times. Mrs. Schiavo?s case is about exactly what state someone must be in before it becomes merciful to let him or her die.? As a result of their pressure, Florida legislature has ridden rough shed over years of legal precedent in ?right-to-die? cases, allowed Governor Jeb Bush to involve himself in the dispute and taken away the right most people think they have to refuse medical treatment to their loved ones in extremes. ?In 1990, the Supreme Court, in Cruzan V Missouri Department of Health, said the constitutional right of privacy covers unwanted medical procedures. Mr. Schiavo says the new law contradicts that lower court have ruled these procedures are unwanted.? It also seems comprehensively to violate the separation of powers, since the legislature has appointed the Governor from the Executive Branch to overrule the courts on manner of fact. Until about the 1970?s, death was deemed to occur when the heart stopped. As medical advances made it possible to keep the heart beating longer, death came to be defined by the condition of the brain. ?Responding to the...

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