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Social Justice And Equity Essay

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The article focuses on one of the biggest issues in U.S., which is not just limited to the educational system. Social justice and equity is an issue that we can simply address it at any level in the society. The lack of social justice can especially be seen within marginal groups. Baske (2012) focuses on a solution to transform the culture of the schools by designing a program that facilitates social justice and equity through school leadership in U.S. public schools. He uses “art-based principles” to address the issue to the public and make changes towards it by identifying the issue and presenting it to the public trough art in order to create awareness and solve the issue.
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To analyze the issue introduced by Christa Baske (2012), we have to look into it through educational, social, political, and financial aspects but first we have to address his findings during his research. His research has three “emergent themes”; increase critical consciousness, deepened empathic responses, and advocacy to activism. We can associate one or two of these themes to the categories that we mentioned before.
Increased critical consciousness can be analyzed through educational and social aspects. For example in the art making process participants experienced a personal transformation. This transformation increased their critical thinking and problem solving skills. If we look at it from educational aspect we will realize that this transformation has been a learning process for the participants. They went through this process by making a piece of art, which is the tangible reflection of their experience. This experience not only shaped and increased their critical consciousness but they used it as a teaching object to address social justice and equity to their community. As Michael on of the participants mentioned, “ the process afford him with space to rediscover his power and affirm that more critically aware he became”.
We can also analyze Increased critical consciousness through social aspect of it. The experience that Michael, Tyrone, and Laura had was significant enough to impact them as an educators and leaders of their community. Big changes start slowly but continuously at small communities, if we look at the school as a small society we will realize that leaders are playing an important role in this community transformational process. The importance of deepen critical consciousness becomes a priority because school as a small community is the place that leaders and teachers build a relationship with students, parents, and school community members. Hence we will see how gaining critical consciousness can impact the small communities and helping them to transform to practice social justice and equity.
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