Social Justice Art: Global Warming Essay

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Capturing a social justice issue through art can be difficult and complex. Making your audience react the way you want them to, is even harder. Our challenge was to bring up an issue in our society, explain it, then tell our audience how they can help. So we created a movie.
The meaning and purpose of our art is to tell the audience about Global Warming and how quickly this has become an international crisis. Using a movie to convey our message was initially Janes idea. Jane said it was the best way to express the emotions and pain that will be caused once Global Warming becomes too extreme to handle. We wanted to indicate how dangerous our actions can be; also, to explain what our ...view middle of the document...

Also, we added in some other issues, such as suicide, drug abuse, and even a tiny amount of bullying in the beginning. The reason we did this is to show that everything is connected in one way or another. To help our audience understand that although our main issue was Global Warming, that led to other issues arising. Even as we started filming this movie we didn’t have a solid structure of how the film was going to play out, it just created its own path and we followed, and watched as it added in other issues along the way.
Giving inspiration to others has always been a complicated thing to do. While making this movie we pretended to be the audience and react as we thought they would react. Our video could not send out the wrong message, and cause havoc instead of inspiration.We produced the movie filled with trauma and depravity so it would inspire the audience to do something, before anything remotely close to that happened to them. It was difficult to fixate our minds into other peoples perspective, however once we...

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