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Social Justice In The Form Of Art

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You can express anything you want to though art. It is like an open door leading you anywhere you want to go. Some hide their feelings in front of people but when their backs are turned, they become whatever they want to be. Just as Banksy expressed his feelings through graffiti, and Nelson Mandela through words, Bonnie Story expressed her’s through dance.
While on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ as a choreographer, Bonnie Story decided to spread her message on bullying by choreographing a two minute contemporary piece danced by the contestants of SYTYCD. While watching the dancers I noticed all of the areas of bullying that bonnie wanted to touch at. The meaning and purpose of this art is to not only capture your attention but to make you aware that bullying is very serious and most of the time happens right in front of you and all you do is watch and walk away.
Bonnie said in the beginning of the video that I watched, that her friend’s own tale of ...view middle of the document...

Its amazing. The passion comes when I see the dancers tell a story of bullies and pain through their bodies. When one of the dancers, acting as one of the bullies, pushed another dancer down I was heart broken. I wanted to stand up right there and do something.
The dance starts off and three of the dancers have spotlights on them. One has their head in their hands while sitting on the floor, one is sprawled out across the stage looking injured or hurt, and one is standing with his back to them looking shy and afraid. Already that has grabbed your attention and told you that this will be an intense dance. Then one of the girl dancers rushes over to one of the dancers portraying a bully and the bully just pushes her away, as if the bully doesn’t want to be seen with someone like her. It is amazing how much one look or the way a dancer moves can make such a big impact on the viewers.
The most inspirational part of the dance for me was when the dancers who are getting bullied dance as if an invisible wall is crashing down on them and it is taking all of their effort to keep it from falling on them, and at that exact moment the bullies look as if they are lifting their wall with no trouble at all. To me that wall sort of reminds me of life. It is easy for the bullies to make their way through life without that wall crushing them, but for the bullied who don’t really know what there is to live for the wall is getting closer and closer to crashing down on them. This affects me, not in a personal way, but just in a general sense that I am surrounded by people struggling to keep their wall above their heads.
I love this dance. I think it captures the hurt and pain that bullying causes, and no matter how I hard I would try I don’t think I could ever do a better job at representing this piece of art as Bonnie Story did. Even the way she placed the dancers before the song began tells you a story of pain and suffering.
Bonnie Story tells a tale of agony and grief, with movements and transitions and without words or speeches. She demonstrates how the bullied think they have no voice. Bonnie’s skill to make you feel guilt,or remorse, or pain, is amazing, not everyone has the power to do that. I love this dance and the story Bonnie Story told.

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