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Social Justice Is More Than A Definition

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While there are many words that can be defined permanently with just one meaning, Social Justice definition goes beyond what it states. The dictionary’s defines Social Justice as “the ability people have to realize their potential in the society where they live.” However, Social Justice and what it entails for people who are interested in learning about it, and practicing it would have to dig even deeper to have a better understanding. According to Christopher Merret’s Social Justice: What Is It, Why Teach It? Social Justice “can be defined in terms of a hierarchy of four ideas. First, that the foundation of a free society is the equal worth of all citizens. Second, the argument that ...view middle of the document...

Every person should be aware of all the issues that go on in the world, but children in specific ought to understand the why? to all those questions so they can change things and help build a better world. Raising awareness is one of the best strategies to building a better and more just society. According to Anthony Normore, Louie Rodriguez, and Joanne Wayne in their research Making all children winners: confronting social justice issues to redeem America’s soul they state that “Many educational leaders in the USA want the nation’s best for marginalized families […] And, yet, what we have not grasped is the wisdom that sets the Movement |Model apart from all of the rest of reform, the knowledge of the absolute necessity for disenfranchised communities to demand for themselves a quality education. During at least the last four decades, advocacy has been impotent because it disregarded this essential component. Without children and their families at the center of school change – at the decision-making, policy-making tables of influence – meaningful and sustainable school reform will always be an elusive dream.” Not only exposing the problem through education, but also doing something about it. Those are the two components guiding us in the right direction to change.
To touch a bit deeper on some social justice issues, I have decided to do some more research on three major topics: Immigration, Racism, and Poverty. All these issues are and have been ongoing for a long time.
Immigration is “the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.” According to Charles Negy’s The Importance of The Importance of Considering Undocumented Immigration from Multiple Perspectives in the Context of Social Justice” Currently, it is estimated that close to 12 million people reside in the United States without legal authorization (Pew Hispanic Center, 2009).” He raises the issue that, people use social justice and what it means to advocate for the rights of undocumented immigrants. He says “I will limit my discussion of this topic to aspects of this debate that I consider to be neglected. Specifically, when people advocate for the rights of undocumented immigrants to reside in the United States in the name of social justice, whose social justice do they have in mind?” I believe, immigrants don’t do any harm to the foreign country they have been forced to move to. I say forced because if they had opportunities and equality in their own country they wouldn’t go looking for that somewhere else. Why leave their family, and the country they were born in, to go and be humiliated at a foreign country? It simply doesn’t make sense. Ideally, no person should leave their country to look for a better living; instead people should work in their country, improving their country to the best it can become. Instead of looking for just a solution to immigration, I believe we need to focus on helping other countries and identifying why their people feel...

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