Advantages And Drawbacks Of Social Networking

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The topic of whether or not social networking sites have brought about a lot

advantages as well as drawbacks for everybody is a very controversial one. On the one

hand, many people think that besides very minor disadvantages, social networking sites

such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. have plenty of beneficial effects on people,

especially students and pupils. Nothing is perfect, everything does have both of positive

site and negative site. However, after careful analysis, I totally end up with the

result of drawbacks outweigh advantages.

First of all, there are many positive effects that were created by social media for

everybody. In fact, only about half of these effects work for children as well as

teenagers. The most obvious beneficial effects is to help students to deal with their

homework, assignments. Several years before, when social media was not popular and

when there was also only a few of networking sites, it was very hard for students to look

up online for their assigned work. For example, in the 1990s or even early 2000s,

students can only asked for help for their homework via phone calls or meeting in

Nowadays, with the invention of a whole bunch of networking sites, students can easily

discuss their homework with their classmates. In addition, students seem to prefer

learning from others more than learning from adults. According to MacArthur

Foundation, a non-profits organization which encourage the creativity and effectiveness

of the youth, “Social networking makes kids more peer-based. Young people are

motivated to learn from their peers online. They interact and receive feedback from one

another. They are motivated to learn more from each other than from adults. Teachers

and adults are no longer the only sources of knowledge.” Therefore, social networking

sites have helped children a lot with their homework by bringing them opportunities to

discuss with each others.

On another positive note, social networking sites help students to collaborate

with everybody as well as to attain new technological skills. It is easier than ever for

students to communicate and collaborate with everybody. “Whether students are

working together on a project for an online course or one in a traditional in-class setting,

social media makes it a snap to talk, share information and work, and even produce

multimedia presentations without having to set up meetings in person, which can

sometimes be hard with busy schedules. Apart from collaboration, this type of social

interaction can help students to feel less isolated and to develop a social network that

makes them feel at home in their college environment, which research has shown

reduces dropout rates.” For instance, students from the age of when they start middle

school until when they finish their final degree always tend to work in a group to solve

their problems rather than to contact their teachers,...

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