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How Social Media Has Influenced The Way We Live Today

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Today, social media became a primary component of our spirit. Mariam Webster dictionary defines social media as “forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content” (, May 18-2014). The entire human population is plugged into the network with the help of blogging websites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It is highly rare to find an alienated person from the network, as this modern application of technology links everyone with the click of a mouse. It is the new generation of socializing method. Social media websites bridge the gap between different nationalities, cultures and mentalities generally and it is used nowadays for academic and business reasons.
First, social media help to increase your knowledge; some people use the social media for learning and academic reasons. Since the beginning of the 21th century, most universities around the world created the concept of online learning that depends on the special social network. According to Conaway Carrie’s essay “Virtual University” (2002), the author describes how the educational system has been developed since the creation of social media until now. Students can access their courses online, submit assignments, and take lecture notes through an academic, social network provided by universities. For example, some universities use Blackboard to post questions, assignments, sample exams and lecture notes for their courses. This creates a bridge of communication between the professor and the students and also creates a bridge between all students that each one has his or her prospective and mentality. This will be helpful to create a discussion because you can ask for explanation either from your professor or from your colleague online. In addition, some universities had built an entire social learning system online to offer many degrees and diplomas online. For example, you can get a degree in business management from any online university just in your office. This system is a custom made social network that joins students and professors online even by written or video access. All what you have to do are fewer steps. Search for an international university website that provide online degree and register and buy. Do not forget to be careful when you are choosing because some websites are faked up to swindle your moneys. In addition, almost universities around the world use online libraries and do not forget that you also can learn a new language and practice to be a professional by using social media so there are custom social media that help you to perfect the language like All what you have to do is a registration procedure. Then you can learn how to read, speak, listen, and write in any language you would like to learn such as French, English, German, Dutch, Russian and many other...

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