Social Media Addiction Essay

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Social Media Addiction
Many teens, young adults, and even adults are faced with social media addiction. Do people realize this addiction is a serious problem or is it just simply ignored because it is considered as a “hobby”? These things cannot be ignored especially when it is considered a habit. Social media may have not been looked at as a problem when social networking sites were coming out to the public, but today it is very clear that more people are becoming dependent on social networking sites. It seems as if nowadays everyone has a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram account. It is the norm for the 21st century and it is how people communicate and network today. People log on ...view middle of the document...

As technology keeps us more connected, the addiction continues to grow. In fact, a new survey conducted by revealed 56% of people are afraid of missing out on events, news, and important status updates if they are away from social networks (Murphy Kelly.) Also, people are controlling multiple social networking accounts as well. About 42% of study participants have multiple accounts and the percentage jumps to 61% for those between the ages of 18 and 34 (Murphy Kelly.) Connected to this fear of missing out on something more fun or interesting that what we are currently doing are the unrealistic, fantasy personas we promote on social networking sites. Fear of missing out is an actual feeling that’s starting to inform through our social relationships. Will we ever settle for what we already have? We need to figure out how to limit social media’s influence on our lives. As a result, social networking sites are making this extremely difficult to not settle for what we already have. Instead, we will continue to cling on the feeling of missing out on something better.
Social media also has negative effects on relationships. Social networking can be a quick way to create problems in a relationship. Social networking sites effect relationships in many ways because users’ information is accessed by the site and other members. These sites notifies users of every change in every friend profile. We as humans are always curious and it happens to be about other people’s lives.
Unfortunately, our society todays tends to be nosey and social networking sites also feeds jealousy within relationships. For example, suppose that an ex wrote a comment on your significant other’s status. Though, it may not mean anything, naturally you would be curious as to why your ex comment on the post. Or even thinking why your ex and your significant other are even friends in the first place. Many incidents such as these happen every day on these sites that can lead to arguments and even heartbreak. Jealousy and lack of trust because of these sites can lead a couple to disaster. After all, young adults are more likely to report that the internet has had an impact on their relationship (Lewhart, Duggan.) 45% of internet users ages 18-29 in serious relationships say the internet has had an impact on their relationship, while just one in ten online adults 65 and older say the same. (Lewhart, Duggan.) Therefore, use of social media can and will wreck someone’s relationship if they are not clear about what can be known in public and what is private. What is appropriate to you may not be appropriate to your significant other and it is a good idea to aware of that before posting online.
However, the expansion of social media in the last decade has added a social aspect to the World Wide Web. Social media expands our ability to keep in touch with friends and family and connect with other people from around the world with similar interests and hobbies. According to a study on...

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