Social Media And Its Prevalescence In Our Day

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Social Media, Is It Worth It?
With technology on the rise, we are living in a new era, and what was known as the impossible has now been made possible. Truly it is an amazement to be able to interact instantly everyday with anyone; to be capable of posting a message or a picture on the World Wide Web and for the world; your family, friends, and anyone else to see. Everyone becomes virtually present even though they may be hundreds of miles away. Interactions and communities form where possibilities of them were slim to none. Technology has brought on a change in the lifestyles of many people; a part of this being the epidemical rise of social media. Now, change is not a negative thing, in fact with change comes growth, rather the focus in this situation is the reasoning behind it all. As R. Buckminster Fuller once said, “humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.”(Fuller)
Why are we so intrigued with social media? About 50% of adults used some sort of social media as of 2011 and this percentage is ever still growing.(ProCon) What does Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other avenues have to offer that is of absence from our everyday livelihoods? Social media as explained on Wikipedia, “refers to interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”(Wikipedia) Yes, many of us view social media for instance Facebook and Instagram as a means of communication and promotion, an avenue of educational support, and an opportunity for self expression; nonetheless it promotes an untruthful, narcissistic, and desensitized society.
There is a sense of falsehood in social media. Untruthful information is easily spread and taken up as fact due to the misconception that what is written on social media is as if concrete news. Sources confirm that for 28% of Americans social media avenues are a top source for news, taking place just below newspapers at 29% but above the radio with only 19% of Americans listening in as a source for news and lastly, only 6% go look to printed publications.(ProCon) The truth of the matter is social media like Facebook have made it possible for information to spread easily, the downfall of that is that the information comes from any type source, there is no way of telling what is legitimate or not, who in fact is behind the information. For example,
“A wealthy banker goes out to lunch with a colleague. The banker disdainfully leaves a 1% tip on a $133 bill with the message, "Get a real job." The colleague, who runs a blog called "Future Ex-Banker," takes a picture of the receipt, which then goes viral -- first on, then on Twitter and Facebook, soon everywhere (including CNN). It was a hoax, however, though it took a few days before the restaurant found proof the original receipt had been Photo-shopped. By that time, despite some disclaimers along the way, the bill had become water-cooler gospel and left outrage...

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