Social Media And Modern Technology & Genetic Testing

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Social Media and Modern
Technology & Genetic Testing

Everday we come into contact with social media and everyday it becomes more involved in our life. So much that it has an influence in our social, political and culture in major ways. Its almost unheard of now a days for some not to have a Facebook page or some type of online profile. Genetic testing is become more and more prevalent, and is allowing us to recognize genes that’s can cause diseases even before birth. To many its a good thing but to others its just the beginning of a downfall.

Genetic testing today is done on animals, humans and even plants. Most of our meats and fast food restaurants meats are genetically altered ...view middle of the document...

Because everyone would want to cutomize their child like they do their cars.

Social Media has actually been around longer then you think. Ever since humans could talk and draw paintings on walls and caves. Today social media is at the center stage of everything we do. Over 98% of adults age 18-24 have some type of social media profile (Macworld). Social media has shaped our whole culture. Now a days if you font have a Faebook, Twitter, or Instagram or some type of social media profile your considered an outsider. The average total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month is 700 billion minutes (Macworld). Anything you want to know about you can find it on the internet. If you want to know whats trending just go on twitter and you’ll find out. Rarely will u ever find a young adult go to the library and check out a book, unless there tablet or phone is broken. Why would they when they can just hop on the internet or their E-reader and read from there. Social media is the more convenient thing to do now if its not connected to it, it probably wont last to long

For example back in the days politics used to be about picking the best candidate for the job and finding the right leader to lead. We couldn’t look up a persons past or history we just went by word of mouth. Now a days we use social media to find...

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