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Social Media And What Fake News Means University Of Johannesburg Final Assignment

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“Fake News”.

This is a research report that is all about fake news. Therefore, it will be focusing on what is fake news, what are the perceived sources of fake news, what are the qualities of fake news sources as well as stories. It contains examples of fake news, the definition of truthiness, the difference between fake news and propaganda and whether fake news is dangerous or not. Lastly the fact of who is responsible for verifying the stories if they are fake or not.
What is Fake news?
“We define “fake news” as news stories that have no factual basis but are presented as facts” (Allcott & Gentzkow, 2017:5). In short, Fake news are basically news that are being published, posted, or shared being falsified (false information). Basically, this means that this news are just thought about there is no prove that they are true, they lack truthiness for example Facebook and Google are the most used social media platform to publish fake news and there are no accredited journalist, anyone can post anything anytime.
Perceived Sources of Fake news.
The most perceived source will have to be Facebook as it is being confirmed that a lot of people get their news from or either read their news from this social media platform, the most popular posted news is basically widely posted or shared on Facebook more than on widely shared main streams news stories (Maney, 2016:12).
The second source will have to be Google as a lot of independent publishers use this site to advertise as well as share or post their news without being edited or proof readied by editors. Therefore, google is a platform that allows fake news to trend (Allcott & Gentzkow, 2017: 2).
Therefore, this are the two major perceived sources that are being used a lot, as they allow or give independent publishers the platform to post and share news that are false as they are not maintained or owned by any company that has to make sure that the news that are being shared are true or not.
Qualities of fake news sources.
According, to Writer (2016) thought about stories or lies are the main features of fake news . They are usually classified as satire articles. They are not carried out by other reputable news sources. This articles are usually registered anonymously. They are not part of the IAB SA member, this is the official industry body of online publishers in South Africa.
If the article contains this features this basically means that they are fake news, therefore they cannot be trusted or either be used as a source of information. This however is a problem as most people are not familiar with all this features, therefore it makes it difficult for people to identify if they are true or not.
Qualities of typical “fake news” stories.
In fact, “fake news” stories are of low quality as they only contain false information (Uscinski, 2017:57). The fact remains that as much as they are of low quality, they still play a big role in people’s lives as they are all over social...

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