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Social Media And Young Adults Review

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Lenhart, A.; Purcell, K.; Smith, Aaron; and Zickuhr. February 3, 2010. Social Media & Mobile Internet Use Among Teens and Young Adults
The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project studies the behavior and attitudes towards cell phones and highlights the generation of teens and young adults who use cell phones, a setting between 18-29- year- olds. This project conducted up to 100 surveys and wrote up to 200 reports on teens and internet use, as Lenhart, Purcell, Smith, and Zickuhr explained in the research. She also reported with other colleagues how their findings on social media and internet use situated among older children compared within the data between adolescents and ...view middle of the document...

He also suggested that another ability to contact a person directly allows peers to have more flexibility and spontaneity in the future.
Fox, K (2001). Evolution, alienation and gossip. The role of mobile telecommunications in the 21st century. Oxford: Social Issues Research Center
Fox’s research of gossiping has attracted many researchers in all of their career majors and in the field, especially history. She explains how the technology of mobile phones has allowed everybody to return to a more natural communication pattern of society when they live in small communities and favored grooming-talk within the social network. Study shows that men gossip as much as women do for hours, even on mobiles and on the Internet. Taking huge information to how the adults behave towards communication, the findings in Fox’s research included and highlighted the groups of adults and teenagers who use cell phones, including the surveys of all mobile phone users. Why so many human communication are mostly gossip is unknown directly, but what is known about communication is that the conservation on mobile phones is very vital to the information. In this context, Fox proves this story fun and joyous as possible.
Fox obtains most of the ideas from her own conducted survey on men and women who are using mobile phones, but her purpose of this survey seems to convince the adults that only 33 percent says that they use their phones if there is an emergency. However, the focus group discusses that phones purchased for that matter becomes more and more lifeline; increases the communication with friends, family, and colleagues; and gradually proves to be an effective and constructive way of communicating with friends and family. This study becomes especially more useful when the term “emergency” subtly re-defines what would be called as a perspective, informative tone, and its critical detail.
Fox’s tone of voice was high and quick in a sense of excitement, and women agreed to this tone of voice whenever they get excited about what is happening on this day. Some women use this happy tone for using gossip as an entertainment. Fox suggested that although the function of entertainment is vital to men, women also play the role of this function, as they were more prepared for and skilled at communication more than men were years ago. She finally concludes that from her focus group interviews, texting is very useful to track one’s social obligations without any consequences without wasting time and money.
Ling, R. (2000a, August). The impact of the mobile telephone on four established social institutions. Paper presented at the International Society for the Study of European ideas conference, Bergen, Norway.
In this paper, Rich Ling took an insight to the analysis four institutions with their confrontation with cell phones. The institutions that the author uses are democracy, bureaucracy, education and adolescence. Ling...

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