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Social Media As An Advertising Tool

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There was once a time when companies used to spend heavily on publishing, compelling, ads on newspapers and magazines just to put the word out there, but times have changed and so have the medium used to broadcast these ads. Nowadays, companies use the internet to spread the news, to be more specific, companies use the social media as an advertising tool. Over the years, social media has vastly changed the way we communicate and interact with one another, some examples of such social media might be Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. This kind of interacting tools are now been used by businesses to sell or advertise their products, one might say that the social media is the modern day substitute for newspapers and magazines. One company that has been doing this heavily is Android (owned by Google), Android ads can be seen in every corner of the internet whether be famous sites like Facebook or now extinct ones such as Myspace, although one such social media that they haven’t been using is XDA developers. The site predominantly focuses on software development and discussion for Android, Windows, Ubuntu Touch, and Bada phones etc. The following paper will discuss and analyze their audience and argue why XDA developers is the best social media platform to advertise smartphone operating system companies such as Android to the general public and developers.

There might be a plethora of pros to using one of these social media as an advertising tool, but most of them come with a certain amount of potent cons. One such social media tool is Twitter, according to the official terms of administration, there are certain points of confinement on the way you can advertise on Twitter. The edges are not altered, however you will make a poor impression around clients and perhaps hazard sanctions from Twitter itself if most or the greater part of your tweets are absolutely business and you don't appear to be utilizing Twitter to captivate within dialog with different users. You likewise run the danger of threatening current or potential customers if an excess of your tweets look like unsolicited ads. Moreover a company such as Android has a certain reputation that needs to be maintained whether it be online or in real life, therefore the individual who physically posts tweets on behalf of the company, successfully, is in control of the companies – in this case Android – web-enabled avatar. Assuming that this individual has a dissimilar approach to advertising than that of the firm, for instance, a specific comical inclination or a sharp nature, Twitter fans may see their words as reflecting upon the organization. (Lister, n.d.)

We live in a world where the visual experience greatly influences how one might feel about something, and to graphically capture the essence one needs skill, sufficient finance, and labor. Organizations such as Android use visual aid more frequently in an array of websites as flash contents and social media sites that...

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