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Social Media As An Emerging Factor Defying Globalization And Inequality Anthropology Research

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Social Media as An Emerging Factor Defying Globalization and Inequality
“Social Media More Than Just Filters and Selfies”
There are several reasons that could help explain the inequality between the rich and the poor, one of which is globalization. Globalization ensures that the economic divide between the rich and the poor continues to expand, thus widening the gap between the two groups and causing not only inequality but a social imbalance. Globalization also causes severe social stratification in which the people at the bottom of a social hierarchy cannot better their situation by much as they don’t have access to resources to do so. Whereas people at the top of the hierarchy create misconceptions that the people at the bottom have equal opportunity as them but just do not wish to better their own lives. Some people are in situations that has nothing to do with their own choices but rather their parents, friends or other family’s choices. These choices have deep roots that have been imminent for years and are out of the hands of people they effect. We can link these back to three main types of capital; social, economic and cultural capital all of which make up one’s personal finances, social connections and culturally acquired knowledge and skills. We can affirm that someone who is poor truly would lack in all or at least 2 of these types of capital however there has been an emerging “category” of capital that defies all the restrictions and limitations of someone’s “current capital” and social standpoint in a great hierarchal system.
“Capital” can be linked to three main categories and someone who Is negatively affected by globalization would have poor capital in quite possibly all three categories. For example, someone who has poor economic capital maybe has been living in poor living conditions because their parents could not afford anything better due to poor education or poor job opportunities. Thus, having little money to afford anything better for their families, their children will have to suffer the consequences of the place in social hierarchy they are stuck in. A great misconception of this is that the children of people who live in these poor conditions now have their own agency and ample opportunity to change their lives however if they do not have economic capital odds are that they don’t have much opportunity to make any good social connections. Therefore, these people would have poor social capital and would not be able to use their social status as a way of raising their quality of life in any way. However cultural capital could be held by anyone with traits, knowledge or skills they’ve learned but again odds are their traits or skills often won’t necessarily land them a job or any sort of substantial life changing opportunity that would help with elevating their status in a social hierarchy.
People of lower income face a lot of scrutiny from people of higher income but as we see that it’s not just...

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