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Social Media; Be Aware Essay

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Social media; be aware
Ten years ago on February 4th one of the largest social media sites was created, Facebook. Almost exactly two years after that, twitter was created. Today we are seeing a rising number of people taking place in social media trends. It has become such a common custom to our lives, we very well might have even forgot what the real purpose was for these sites. The question that many of us may need to ask is, has social media gone too far? When do we draw the line and know when social media consumes too much of our time, money and attention for the wrong reasons? I feel strongly that social media is consuming too much of our lives. I will try to give you as the social ...view middle of the document...

Remo says “Do you know the most embarrassing possession of yours that someone will find if you die? I do. It’s a folder on my computer that contains hundreds of pictures I’ve taken of myself. The fact that I’m not phot­ogenic means that finding a Facebook profile picture is a nearly impossible task.” She claims that the profile picture is just the beginning of your “digital self”, and it escalates from there. Remo refers to a person’s Facebook profile as their “digital self”, as she implies people go too far lengths to make themselves look how they want to, to the Facebook community. I think this is absolutely true, people today are much more concerned about how they look online, that they actually forget the intended use of the site, which as Zuckerberg states is to, “use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them." People have come to forget why they were even logged in and just find themselves in awe of the many features that you can control by just the click of a mouse.
Perhaps you may not think social media is a big enough issue to be concerned about, but according to these statistics that Jessica Remo puts in her article, social networking has captured the majority of multiple age groups. Remo says, “That so many of us who use social media—and that’s a whopping 92 percent of those between ages 18 and 29, and 73 percent of people in their 30s and 40s, according to the Pew Internet Project—choose to devote our time and energy to cultivating our online personae is no big surprise when you think about it. Not only is the power to control your image, and thereby people’s impression of you, pretty much irresistible, but also? It actually works.” These statistics speak for themselves, showing us where the current generation is, and even people in their 40’s still using social media. With the highest percentage of social media users being 18-29, you can’t help but think how much extra time these people are devoting out of their busy day to manage their online profile. When do you consider social media to be too time consuming? When do you ever think about how social media conflicts with the important things on your day to day schedule? Often these are questions people never ask themselves about social media. Social media has a big effect on our moods in a way that makes us think it is very important. Remo reflects on her own feelings by saying, “I can honestly say that the sole rewards I get from tweeting something that gets retweeted or posting a picture that gets nice comments—pro¬bably the sole ones most of us get—are of the ego-boosting variety.” The feeling that she states here is spot on and I feel the same exact way as a social media user. This is a big reason to why people let social media consume their time. Yes, you are technically interacting with people when liking and posting pictures and status updates. But at the end of the day you...

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