Social Media Essay For English Class English Essay

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Carla Ramirez
Mrs. Escobar
English 11 Period 4
10 February 2017
Social Media Essay
Social media can provide news faster than traditional news outlets and can be a good source of information.There is also an increasing amount of need to verify and determine the reliability of the information found. It can be used to get us closer to the truth or it can be deceiving. It can be used to enlighten or daze the public. Social media news can be a manipulation within the public because it distracts us from real life situations. The media should not be used as a valid news source.
Since the start of social media it has had a huge impact on society. It has built a wall between reality. People tend to always be on social media whether at school, home, or work. They like to get information and spread it around before checking if it’s true. It can be the most ridiculous story and people would still believe it. Social media is the fastest way to spread either true or false information to the world. For example, according to Craig Silverman in the article “How Lies Spread Faster Than Truth: A Study of Viral Content” states that within minutes or hours a claim can morph from a lone tweet or badly sourced report to a story repeated by dozens of news websites, generating tens of thousands of shares.This evidence proves that social media has been highly abused. Online social networking has caused serious changes in the way people communicate and interact with one another. It is unclear, however, whether some of these changes may alter certain aspects of human behavior. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat may be related to signs of depression. According to Teen Rehab Center “In a recent study, 12% of teen girls aged 12–17 suffered from an episode of clinical depression — 3 times higher than the rate of teen boy suffering the same disorder.” The media also leads to a very well known term called cyberbullying. It bulges into hacking profiles, spreading rumors, or attacking another person. If an online profile isn’t private anyone can steal that information and change it to make it theirs. Social networking sites have no way to verify that people are who they say they are leaving people defenceless from online predators who are able to mask themselves from their true identities. For example, Twitter doesn’t make you use a real name when facebook makes you use something that at least sounds like a real name. When potentially offensive content is posted online, the amount of feedback can be extreme and often harsh. This is uncommonly true with highly biased subjects such as politics and religion. This reaction can also have a long-term impact on a person's future, especially in a world that has fallen into over-sharing. In an age where selfies are the normal, the over-sharing may even be changing our worldview by creating a more narcissistic mindset. The social network news can also be manipulated by the public. People share...

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