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“Have you seen what Emily posted?” said a middle-school girl to her friend. “I know, she is such a loser”, replied the other friend. In the world of social media, privacy is limited and gossip spreads as fast as you can press “POST”. This can cause cyber bullying on a large scale, since it is not face to face. For many children this makes them depressed and less optimistic about school. It also distracts many students from school and can be a great place for online predators to find their next victim. Although there are several advantages to Social Networking Sites, the disadvantages clearly outweigh this. Social media should not be in use for children under 18 and many regulations should be put under it for a safer and more positive atmosphere.
Social media can largely cause student grades to plummet, since school is not top priority for most students. Many children spend hours a day scavenging through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for new posts and new messages. This causes students to forget to do their homework and don’t take school seriously, instead they are more worried about how many friends or followers they have online. This greatly increases high school dropout rates and lowers SAT/ACT scores. “The study found freshman students were spending nearly 12 hours a day, using internet for social media networking and checking for new messages and posts, while they study for less than 2 hours. Researchers found much of this high use of media was associated with lower grade point averages(GPA) and other negative academic outcomes….such as lower results on standardized tests”(Social Media linked to poor academic performance). To many students, they believe social life is a far more important matter than school. This shows that when a student could be studying a huge finals test, they instead decide to spent their precious time looking at posts and seeing what they’re friends have been doing online. Students neglect their school work, and instead strive for more “important matters” such as how many online friends or followers they have. Since students study for less than 2 hours, but use social media for 12 hours it causes their knowledge of school to fade away. Others support the use of social media in school and say it helps students interact with homework and make more friends in school. Although this may be helpful to many students, the disadvantages outweigh this. Social networking sites addict students for hours, so a simple discussion over homework could turn into a 2 hour chat about video games. To make more friends online is just as just as easy as making friends in person. This could cause friendships where friends rarely talk in person. Social media can have advantages to students such as long range assistance, but this rarely helps students academically.
Another reason social media should not be in use for children under 18 years is that it promotes cyber bullying. Many students are victims of cyber bullying, caused by...

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