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Social Media:Good Or Bad Essay

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Social Media: Good or Bad
Most people spend more than 70% of their free time on their cellphones or computers. Out of this 70%, 50% is spent on social media ( On social media people can see what’s happening with their friends, post what’s happening in their life, and a whole lot more. But is that good for us? It all depends on how you look at it.
Social media is a great way to get information to people. It is faster than any other alternative way. But that also comes with its downfalls. Everything you put on social media has a way of getting out to everyone. Most social media sites have very pore privacy policies. Some people think that it is worth the risk of privacy is a fair ...view middle of the document...

But some people think that it is not necessarily a good thing. They say that these posts that advertise new books, movies, and o0ther things that you can go buy are making people spend more money than they would if we didn’t have the post on social media. However other people believe that people would still be exposed to the same ads if there wasn’t social media because they would turn to either just browsing the internet or watching TV. They also say that since on social media you follow pages that if they didn’t want to see the advertisements they don’t have to follow that page (
The people who don’t like social media say that some people who have a social media account spend too much of their time on it and get addicted to it. You can’t really argue with that fact but there are ways to prevent that. New phones are coming out with a special setting where you can go and set a certain amount of time that you can stay on social media apps. There are downfalls to this though because you could still go to the website on your internet.
Social media helps business owners find employees. Instead of looking at a résumé they look at the peoples profile to see if they would be good for the job ( The bad thing

about that is that people aren’t always who they say they are. Some people will sign up for a job under a fake name and fake profile so they can get the job and get access to the money that is there, and they can take all of it. This problem is rare but it is out there and happens many times to the most un-expecting employers.

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