Social Media Influence On Teens English Essay

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Jose Quezada
English 102
Paper 2
14 March 2016
Social Media Influence on Teens
Nowadays everyone who owns a smartphone is almost guaranteed to have some sort of social media app if not multiple. It is a way of communication and expressing yourself through your profile. It is more common for people to exchange social media accounts with each other more than exchanging phone numbers to keep in touch with one another. Though most of the population has a form of social media, the most prominent users for almost any platform would be teens. Social media can be a great tool if used wisely but through observation there are more negative impacts on teens than positive. There are many stakeholders that would be involved with this situation because of how prominent the topic is, stakeholders would include: teens, parents, schools, corporations, celebrities, doctors, etc. Since the situation is fairly new and is constantly changing it is difficult for some of these stakeholders to fully grasp the concept of how teens interact through these platforms and how different trends can affect a certain demographic. There are obviously many different views because each person acts differently on the internet but there is definitely a struggle to determine what the effects of social media are in young adults.
Burns, Josh. "How Teenagers Are Using Social Media." Sunday Magazine. N.p., 15 Jan. 2016. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.
The author of this magazine article explains how he frequently interacts with teens and got their opinions and a good sense of what each of the different platforms are used for. It acts as short explanation for what each platform is used for because they are not all used the same. The goal of this source was to inform others about how teens project themselves...

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