Social Media Influences Us In Bad Ways York Mills Personal Essay

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The Pernicious Mirror Social Media Created
The infectious disease. I am presenting to you today the horrifying truth behind self-perception on social media—and the lengths we all go to create the 'perfect' virtual self. From a victim, herself. My story came together one night when it all hit me. Going a hundred miles per hour. As I looked at myself in the mirror, saying to myself: “you’re ugly”. Why isn’t my waist paper thin? Why aren’t my hips wider so I can have an hour glass figure? Questions like these rushed through my head. As I scroll my down Instagram feed. If you aren’t aware, a girl’s social networking profile is a persona she builds, a photo hoped billboard on the information superhighway. It also offers an appease for the anxiety so many girls feel about relationship, offering the answers to burning social questions like, what do other people think of me? Do people like me? Am I normal? Am I pretty? Why don’t I look like her?
Instagram. Are you aware of the issue? You became the source of my insecurities. On their privacy page, Instagram incorporates an information tab regarding eating disorders. Instagram doesn’t offer any information to explain why it feels obligated to include that information, but it is clear as day—it’s replying to the ongoing disparagement that certain social communities create, bonded by hashtags such as #thinspiration and #anorexic inspire muddled eating. It’s completely true that Instagram should do more to discourse the issue but after days on end, I only came to realize that I was also held accountable for what it decided to show me. Our drug feeds of fit models, strikingly beautiful vacations, and almost picture-perfect captured moments don’t usually match with our moderately humdrum and awfully crazy lit lives. The discontent caused by the disconnect is enough it is contributing to and body-image issues in young people, who are the most addicted users of social media.
Kylie Jenner. I have an issue. You used to be my role model. I came to realize how instead of endorsing self-love. She left me, along with my sisters, with a protruding and unachievable image of beauty. But, these unattainable characteristics didn’t stop me from trying....

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