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Social Media Integration Essay

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Social Media Integration
Social media is any information we share with our social network, using social networking web sites and services and social networks are just a way to describe our relationships with one another, and the interconnectedness of those relationships (Eley & Tilley, 2009). Social media are media (from written to visual to audio to audiovisual) that are designed to be shared (Stokes, R., 2010). Social media can be instantly updatable, unlimited in commentary, you can gauge popularity instantly, mixed media possibilities and offers a freedom to participate (Stokes, R., 2010). The following are some aspects of social media.
Social networking sites:
Social networking sites are one example of social media. The building of these social networks requires the use of software (Stokes, R., 2010). Social networking sites purpose is to create profiles in such sites and form relationship and interactions between the users. Some websites are to find acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and family members, and list them within their profile as a friend, contact, or colleague while other sites are for professional information, and connecting business colleagues (Eley & Tilley, 2009). Known also as social sites, a user usually belongs to a community online that shares a common interest. Since members of your community share something in common and that member may come from anywhere globally, social networking sites create diversity. While some sites users belong to have something in common, this is not the gold standard. Sites whose members do not have anything in common are called traditional social networking site.

A blog—which derives its name from weblog—is a frequently updated web site that shows updates in reverse chronological order (newest at the top) and updates could take the form of journal entries, articles, or just cool links that people had come across (Eley & Tilley , 2009). The power of blogs is that they allow anyone to publish and share ideas, and anyone can read and respond to these (Stokes, R., 2010). Topics written in blogs can be anything a person can think of. Blogs have many applications and the most important of which is that it puts people with common interest in a relationship where they can learn ideas, or even do business. The basic elements of the blog post are the author, the title of the blog, the tag which helps categorize the blog, comments which are left by the readers and the “TrackBack” or the notification of other blogs linking to a post, often displayed below the blog post (Stokes, R., 2010).
Microblogs allow you to post short updates, limited to very few characters, about your life, work, or anything, updates are then sent via instant message, SMS text message, or placed on a website for people to follow (Eley & Tilley, 2009). Microblogging can be accomplished using various communication tools such as instant messaging (IM) via the Web, text messaging on your mobile phone,...

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