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Social Media Is A Postitve Impact

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Would the world be as advanced as it is today without social media? The clear and most obvious answer is no. Social media has made an unbelievably positive impact in every possible way by taking technology to the next level. It has greatly improved this planet by connecting communities and cultures across the globe through online interaction. And over past several years, people are taking countless advantages from this networking. It has drastically has increased the ease of delivering international news to people as well as raising awareness for social justice problems, giving people information about anything within seconds. This method of online interaction has also made a huge, but ...view middle of the document...

According to a survey conducted by the “Telegraph”, a famous newspaper in United Kingdom, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are helping cultures and communities become more accepting of people of different origins by removing differences and finding similarities online. (Telegraph UK, 2008). Furthermore, social media is a source to pass wisdom and tips to people who you may not even know. This way, even the shyest people able to talk and connect with anyone they want, without showing their face. Not only that, social media has saved so much money because people don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to see someone half way across the globe for only a week or so. Other than that, social media has taken away the filter on what people say or their communication. Because in the past, there was no way to get your message to someone else that wasn’t controlled by a “middle man”, unless you spoke face to face, but today there is. People are taking positive advantages on this freedom more than negative, for example giving honest and truthful opinions that nobody can change. Also giving proof in certain cases. Social media has been helping people connect with their loved ones and uniting the world by creating a way communication that is easier than ever.
Texting, video chatting, and posting photographs aren’t the only things that social media has been doing until now. In fact it has made huge impact on the way people think about social and critical issues as well as how they receive their information. Social media has been delivering important news within seconds, raising awareness for social justice issues, and even saving lives. In fact, according to American Press Institute, more 40% of Americans use social media to get their news because they say it is the most convenient and cheapest...


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