Social Media: Legal Implications And Perspective

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The 21st century world has witnessed perverted ascription to social media marketing sprouting from the fact that most people have migrated to their online cocoons. To succinctly integrate these online communities into their marketing campaigns, organizations have devised social media marketing campaigns geared towards either blogging, websites, or platforms like face book and twitter. However, there is need to adhere and evaluate the legal implications of social media marketing activities by these organizations. This paper presents responses to five questions raised on social media marketing.
Qn 1: “Four characters of a legally astute social media-marketing manager”
A legally astute manager is expected to exhibit four inherent characteristics. These include; acceptance and knowledge of importance of law towards organizational success, possession of proactive attitude inclined to regulations and legal issues, capacity to make informed judgment when confronted by decisions with legal implications, and having adept knowledge on specific regulations, laws, resources, and tools that have direct impact on the organizations (Bagley, 2010). A social media marketing manager needs to as well have these characteristics arising from the fact that social media marketing is a new concept and more demanding than the traditional approaches of print, television and radio marketing.
There is need for social media marketing manager to have adept knowledge of current law and how it might affect the company through control on interstate commerce, data mining and business intelligence escapades, customer prices, and taxation (Bagley, 2010). The manager needs to succinctly integrate, understand, and take responsibility for these foci of social media and engagements because of the legal implications they might have on the operations of the organization as a whole (Sarabdeen, 2014). The responsibility of this social media-marketing manager would include adoption of a proactive approach towards work activities, research, and close coordination with legal team of the organization to deduce what is right and what can be detrimental to the operations of the organization.
It is prudent to note that face book as a social media platform presents constant flow of information, engagement and feedback from customers; as such, without adept knowledge on how to respond in line with ethical provisions and legal regulations, the manager is likely to cause irreparable harm to the organization (Bagley, 2010). As such, this manager needs to have informed judgment to understand how customer feedback ought to be managed to successfully meet their needs, foster good brand value and safeguard consumer privacy. Considering that social media marketing is greatly evolving, laws and legal decision setting precedence in common law are being made in response to this evolution. It is crucial for this manager to know all these developments because they have legal implications on the marketing...

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