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Social Media Makes Us Lonely Essay

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Does social media make you feel wanted and appreciated? Or has it actually made you more socially isolated? Or could it be both? Social media has its perks and its flaws, depending on how it is being used. Ironically, social media brings distances closer, but at the same time also distancing relationships. Too much of something is never gonna be beneficial, just like social media when being used too often, which can result into us becoming more detached from the people around us.
Using social media for long hours is the first reason we feel more socially isolated, especially when it is being used during social gatherings. In the past before social media came about, real life communications was the only way. But with the developement of technology, it is difficult to reisist checking our social medias .
the development of technology is one of the reasons that leads to people spending much more time on social media and being glued to their gadgets. becoming less attached to the society and the people around them. this is caused by the developments in technology and social media platforms have become much more attractive and entertaining. For example snapchat. It used to be an app to send pictures of your life to share with your friends. But now due to technology advancements, face filters, voice enhancements, editing tools are all combined into one app. this makes it more interesting for the users, and more time will be spent on it due to its enhanced features. a research by comScore showed that the average American adult (18+) spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day. with so much variety of social media platforms, eg youtube, facebook, Instagram, twitter, netflix etc there has been an increment in people frequenting them. Social media now can also be accessed on the go, making it easier for people to use them and it accumulates up to 60% of the people who use it on the go. with the development of technology, it is the only naturally that social medias will develop simultaneously, attracting more users along the way. this will lead to less communication between people, as they can all be done through social media. communication now becomes something so convenient and readily available, causing us to neglect to interact with others in real life and becoming more anti-social. many of us will get more engrossed in social media as it develops to greater heights and we will start to neglect their family and friends. social media might help to make new online friends. however when we get so preoccupied with it, we will tend to neglect the real people around us and soon the lack of interaction with them in real life. it will lead them becoming more distant, and ourselves being left deserted with no one left. the development of technology can thus lead an increased amount of people using social media more often, and slowly but subconsciously distancing ourselves from the world.

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