Social Media Data In Tourism Planning: Analysing Tourists’ Satisfaction In Space And Time.

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This study has adopted a mixed methods approach, in which quantitative and qualitative information were collected in a database and analysed. Quantitative information represents ratings associated to the importance of a specific attribute while qualitative information represents customers’ textual review.
As mentioned above, TripAdvisor and are websites where most information posted is autonomously generated by its users. They post reviews, comments and ratings on a destination, a hotel, an attraction or any other tourism related service. Furthermore, it is possible to add multimedia elements or travel maps of previous trips or take part in discussion forums, web-based applications that allow users to post some material and discuss some specific topics
An exploratory approach to analysis and visualization of spatio temporal data follows a workflow which can be summarized in three fundamental steps: (1) data collection and geocoding entities, (2) hot spot analysis, (3) textual analysis and spatio temporal definition. The detailed descriptions of each step are given in the following subsecutions.
For the purpose of this research has been created a tourism facilities’ database and used for spatial analysis. The databases identified 2100 tourism activities extracted from Tripadvisor and 1900 tourism activities extracted from and located in Sardinias’ territory. Data were collected on May 2013, in the middle of spring season and provide information regarding of tourism activity name, activity category, address, and related quantitative score for each extracted tourism business. The research project utilized ArcGIS, one of the many types of GIS software. ArcGIS aids in decision making processes and increases understanding of places by combining layers of information to produce maps and by thorough analysis of these maps and their relational databases.
In the first step of the methodology, for the purposes of displaying and analysing the location of tourism business structures in Sardinia, geocoding was, essential, taking into account all addresses of TripAdvisor and imput data. Geo-coding was used to develop a layer of information, showing the exact location of each tourism operators in Sardinia. Point locations were found automatically for around 80% of operators. Due to a variety of reason, such as the location of business along areas with wrong street/road numbers, approximately 20% of operators had to be entered onto the map using ArcGIS manual edit function.
The second step of the methodology was the analysis of visitors perception based of scores referring to each tourism businesses, leaved on the dedicated webpage. Visualize this type of information in a map and interpreter derived results is really...

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