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Social Media: Stunting Our Growth Essay

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Miller 8Holmdel High SchoolSocial Media: Stunting our GrowthPaulina MillerHonors English 12Mr. HermanJune 4, 2014The way society defines and uses media has consistently changed throughout history, however, for as long as man has communicated, media has been social. Media is our medium to communicate with one another. The evolution of this into social media has raised controversy for over half a century. The argument regarding children and the use of social media has been a constant in this debate. As the simplicity and ability to use a variety of technology in social media has grown, so have the concerns for what type of social media we are using. The age at which we introduce children to these technologies is decreasing at an alarming rate. This progression is taking place both inside and outside of the home. Children are interacting in social media before they can even read, using computers and gaming systems. By emphasizing the use of technology, our society is encouraging kids to create a virtual world. With this constant push to learn and use technology and social media, we are failing to teach children how to behave and function in the real world. Because they are not interacting on a personal level, they are not learning fundamental skills in socialization. Social media negatively affects childhood development because it limits their ability to understand social cues, to understand conversational tones, and to communicate face to face.Word Count 1698Since ancient times, socialization has been a ritual originating in the home. Socialization is the process of acquiring culture (McNeil and Ji 7). The skills taught to children, which will help them to interact with the world and people around them, begins with the practice of interacting with members of their own family. Socialization is a key element in the development of our personalities (McNeil and Ji 7). As children grow older and begin attending school, they continue to learn socialization skills in the classroom by conversing with their teachers and friends. This form of socialization teaches children what behavior is appropriate. They learn to understand body language and the conversational cues it projects. By playing with other children in an open environment, they learn to communicate face-to-face making their wants and needs known. This process of socialization is important in defining cultural norms for uniformity within society. Many foreign governments actually use socialization in education to achieve common beliefs and expectations in their citizens. When a child does not learn common socialization skills, the child is often defined as "abnormally socialized and labeled by society as deviant or even mentally ill" (McNeil and Ji 8).Because of technology, many great things are being accomplished. Computers are used in schools across the globe to teach. "Through the power of networking, boundaries for learning are disappearing as both teachers and students are able to...

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