Social Media Positive Effects Cause And Effect Essay

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With the proliferation of social networking like Facebook and Instagram, social media has turned into one of the most well-known and useful technologies in the world. Furthermore, humans invented the Internet in order to make the world shorten the distance between people. Nowadays, the whole world connects with each other via social media. Even though everyone is not aware of social media, it is now a massive part of life. Therefore, there are multiple positive effects stemming from social media, including increased access to information, more convenient assessment of opinions, and faster communication.
Increased access to information is the first effect of social media. Nowadays, because of the rapid spread of social media through out the world, gaining information is easy and fast. Due to the Internet, 90% of people have access to information from anyplace in the world (Oak, 2016). Technological development breaks down the limit based on where you live; not only metropolitan areas but also suburban areas can provide social networking. Owing to diverse resources on numerous websites, people obtain much information. For instance, compared with seeking resources in library, searching information on the Internet is more effective and accurate; however, you must be careful of choosing reliable sources. Typing a keyword and clicking search will bring us to find the materials that we need. Consequently, social media helps people gain increased access to information.
Next, people in the world solve problems in many ways; one of them is assessing opinions. One very effective solution is through discussion. However, how can...

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