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Social Media: Pros And Cons Essay

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Social media, a quickly growing and popular knowledge outlet, can become dangerously addictive if the user lacks self-control. There are so many wonderful outcomes from the invention of social media. The biggest, being how quickly news can spread. Anyone can share the news that they desire with a few taps on a screen. The fault in this action though, is that false testimonies can be spread just as quickly as true ones. The question is, does the positive outweigh the negative enough for a person to proceed with using social media?
Our society depends on knowledge. A new way to communicate this knowledge quickly is through social media (The Power of Social Media, p. 1). Learning through ...view middle of the document...

1). It becomes obvious then, why a person would desire to be apart of social media; to gain more knowledge.
With all of the new technological advancements, there are countless opportunities for social media to spread new knowledge (The Power of Social Media, p. 1). Social media is a widely growing trend that seems to continue it is expansion over time. In 2005 about 9% of adults ages 18-29 used social media, but in 2006 49% of those adults joined social media sites (Social Networking Fact Sheet, p. 2). Since that time, a count was done that showed 73% of the U.S.’s adults were members of some sort of social media site (Social Networking Fact Sheet, p. 1). The numbers that show the growth of social networking are outrageous. To prove that social media is the preferred form of communication, research was done to demonstrate its efficiency. The day that Osama Bin Laden was killed, over 2.2 million tweets were posted about that event (Levine, p. 3). These tweets began to spread, about an hour before any news cast team was covering the event. This single hour of time was a big enough of a gap to show that Internet sources are becoming more widely used compared to television news (Levine, p. 1). Besides the use of social networking for leisure, most businesses require the ability to function through social media apps and websites (The Power of Social Media, p. 1). This may seem prejudice, but 93% of all marketers use social media for advertisement of their business or product (The Growth of Social Media, p. 2). With such a large audience, what business would not want to be included in the latest trend of social communication?
Mobile cell phones have become the biggest outlet for the participation of social media. 40% of people who own Internet accessing cell phones claim that they use social media through their device (Social Networking Fact Sheet, p. 2). Thereafter, 28% of smartphone owners claim that they check their social media sites on a daily basis (Social Networking Fact Sheet, p. 2). Smartphones and tablets are appealing, because so much can be done with a few swipes of a fingertip (Harrington, p. 1). While using a cell phone 24/7 can seem highly impersonal to the surrounding people, imagine the dozens of relationships being established through online communication (Harrington, p. 1). “Mobile is the new way of computing, condensing, connecting, and doing business”, says author Susan Harrington (p. 1). This quote has real truth to it, because now almost any action online can become an interaction or calculation. There are various brands and forms of mobile technology beyond cell phones; there is something out there for almost everyone who desire to connect beyond the lines of day to day conversations (Harrington, p. 1).
The overwhelming influx of social media use can lead one to ask if it is becoming an obsession in society. In a sense, social media has...

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