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Social Media Report

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VisionLink has continued to increase its presence on twitter, consistently attaining new followers. The more we post, the more people mention us on twitter. It is therefore in our best interest to continue to aggressively use this avenue to market VisionLink. As communicated in the earlier social media report, we should carry forward posting original VisionLink content. In addition, it is ostensible to post tweets that will engage our followers and customers in conversation. To increase engagement with our followers we should continue to pursue week long campaigns throughout the year of 2014 and set up a specific campaign where we only share VisionLink created content ,in addition to ...view middle of the document...

Although we have more female fans than male fans, there is not that large of a difference. Looking at the age of our fans, both female and male’s that like our page are between the ages of 25 and 44. We are hardly reaching any teenagers or people over 65. This is likely due to generations who are less technologically savvy.

For 6 consecutive days we had the highest amount of people engaging with us on our page, 11/12/13 - 11/17/13. Oddly enough we did not post anything during these days. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that it was Thanksgiving week. More people had time off to and browse the internet.

The posts with the most clicks consisted of a photo of VisionLink at a disaster conference, a link to a time-lapse video having to do with veterans, a link to an infographic by VisionLink, a link related to homelessness, and another link to a infographic by VisionLink.

The posts with the most likes, comments, and shares consisted of the link to the time-lapse video having to do with veterans, a link to a project that VisionLink is supporting, a link having to do with homelessness, a status, and a link including an image about refugees.

There are a few takeaways from the posts which resulted in the most engagement. Majority of the posts were links. It is interesting to note that...

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