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Social Media's Impact On Society Essay

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Society’s increased social media usage has altered the meaning of relationships. This is vital in how society interacts with itself. Subsequently, this is having a negative impact on society. A common belief is that technology has no control over our relationships and therefore is valued as neutral. However, a critical examination of this belief is necessary to consider its validity by examining society itself.
Society is contingent on relationships. Social interaction exposes personal identity. Our likes and dislikes reflect a mirror image of how we view ourselves. Similarly, relationships shape our sense of self. Relationships sometimes conflict with that sense of self. Nevertheless, relationships closely resemble our own sense of self. Solitude promotes people to think critically about daily social interaction. As a result, we reflect on those interactions coupled with our relationships. Furthermore, we question our actions in certain situations. This process exposes our sense of self to ourselves in addition to society. Everyone in society has some sense of self because of relationships. Consequently, relationships have an influence on society itself.
Society classifies relationships as either virtual or real world. Virtual relationships are relationships shaped by the use of social media. Real-world relationships involve face-to-face interaction and body language. Virtual relationships are not as good as real-world relationships. However, virtual relationships create a more connected world. This means that the increased usage of social media allows diverse societies to interact with each other. Thus, there is a false impression that everyone around the world is connected. This is not necessarily the case. There is a saying that states, “It is not what you say, but rather how you say it.” Real-world relationships engage in the use of facial expressions and body language to convey a point. There are many ways to convey a point using facial expressions and body language. This is evident in different cultures. A slight difference in...

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