Social Media's Negative Effects On Teens

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Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are used by many teenagers. While there are many positives to social media, the bad outweighs the good. Teenagers enjoy being on the social media because the teenagers can meet new people and family member in their city or around the world. Social media at first looks like it was good but throw out the years. People and teenagers started to take avenge of social media by making others life a living hell. Social media can affect the lives of other by making them feel weak and vulnerable.
Cyber-bulling is morally and ethically wrong but it’s actually or also against the law. Cyber-bulling makes people feel that they are worthless and think of suicide thoughts. Dr. Brian Paimack, an assistant professor of medicine, in the article; Social Media has good and bad effects on kids, says that “Technology is an extensions of what goes on in the real world. Bulling was around before the internet, but cyber-bulling make that easier” (2). Dr. Brian is ...view middle of the document...

Addiction affects the lives of teenagers by affecting their relationship and having health problems. Dr. Jim Taylor in his article, the bad, the ugly and the good of children’s use of Social Media, states that an English student stated that “Media is my drug without it I was lost. I am an addict. How could I survive 24 hours without it” (2). The English student is saying that social media is part of his life and without it, he will die. Social media has made a big impact on the lives of teenagers because each year teenagers are becoming more addicted. Teenagers should stop being addicted because it is a waste of time and instead the teenager could be doing something else instead of being on social media. The teenagers could be spending time with their families.
When it comes to social media, there are problems that follow people, in the media and in their lives. Social media has a lot of problems that bring to the lives of teenagers. Social media makes teenagers that are in a relationship, think that their boyfriend or girlfriend are doing something that their not so post to be doing. Stephanie painter, a personal assistant from west London, in the article: Facebook suicide’ only way out for some web addicts, says that “Facebook was damaging my relationship with my boyfriend to such an extent that if I hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t be together now” (1)… “Reading my ex’s flirty messages, however innocent, made him insanely jealous. He hated the fact that I was in touch with the men I’d ones slept with and that some of them had posted up old pictures of us together which I had no power to remove”(1). Ms. Painter is trying to say is that Facebook was making her relationship a disaster. Social media has ruined some relationship in its time, but social media would always be a threat to people because the way the people used it.
At the end, social media would always bring problems that anyone has it. In the world, there are people that like to abuse social media. Social media makes a big impact on everyone in the world. Teenager should start to be more careful when there are going to post something.

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