Social Media Sites Impacting Children And Adolescents

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The speedy development of social media has touched on the lives of adolescents and youngsters. It has transformed kids’ lives in schools and at home. Engaging in several kinds of social media websites is becoming a daily procedure that has benefited children and adolescents. This natural process has enhanced communication skills, social connectedness, and developed technical skills. The internet may actually be altering how people think about themselves and others by the negative things that media portrays as positive. A vast portion of this generation’s emotional and social development is an influence from daily use of the internet and their digital devices. This can truly strike a child’s ...view middle of the document...

The research will discuss the impact social media channels and how it influences kids and teens.

Research Question
How does the lack of censored social media sites impact children and teens and their relationships with their equals?

RQ1: What are the benefits of youngsters and teenagers using social media websites?
RQ2: How does social media make most teenagers and children feel about themselves and their relationships with their peers?
RQ3: How much time do children and teenagers spend on social media sites in an average workweek?
RQ4: What methods can parents and school officials perform to protect kids from unhealthy social media activity?


In this research, some studies prove the influence social media and/or entertainment media has on kids and adolescents. This study is a quantitative study that offers data about the use of social media in students’ academic and societal evolution. Many teachers think their students’ use of social media has hurt their academic functioning. The largest trouble area for teachers is students’ attention span, with 71% saying entertainment media use has hurt students either “a lot” (34%) or “somewhat” (37%) in that country. Some other key problem area for teachers is students’ writing skills. About six in 10 (58%) teachers say their students’ use of entertainment media (including texting) has hurt their writing skills “a lot” (19%) or “somewhat” (39%). Many teachers think students spend so much time with media that they ignore their homework and...

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